5-Step System for Internet Marketing

Choose your path for online domination. Move ahead of your competition!

How do you grow your website to show up in searches online for your products or services?

Easy. Create new content for your products or services on your website consistently with optimized content for what your customers search for online and then spread that content online everywhere. 

My proven 5-step process for dominating internet marketing on Google and other search engines is listed below. I have used this method for well over 1 decade to rank businesses on Google for thousands of keywords every month valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.



Step 1 Summary

  1. We discuss your goals.
  2. I use software to curate your best keywords.
  3. Those keywords will be based on what your prospects search for on Google. 

Products that include Step 1:



Step 2 Summary

  1. WordPress is the best website platform for SEO/Internet Marketing.
  2. WordPress uses “Themes” and our custom theme is optimized for SEO and internet marketing.   

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Step 3 Summary

  1. You need to professionally maintain WordPress websites to avoid your website breaking or being compromised.
  2. You need to professionally maintain WordPress hosting and server to avoid your website breaking or being compromised.

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Step 4 Summary

  1. Accuracy of your business information is crucial on Google. 
  2. Online listing directories add highly valuable backlinks to your website and rank you higher in search engines.
  3. Online directories give you many additional platforms to publish curated keyword content, spreading your business presence online much further.

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Step 5 Summary

  1. You need to know what keywords and questions your prospects are searching for on Google (step 1).
  2. You need to create new content regularly and consistently based on those keywords and questions discovered from step 1.
  3. You need to publish this curated content to as many places as you can.
  4. Your website will never expand online without regular consistent curated keyword content creation: at least not for the the keywords that you want.

Products that include Step 5: